Reyes Barrios

The professional biography of Reyes Barrios is crossed like a destiny written in the stars by her personal life, her precedent and her determination.  Vibrant and Powerful in her approach to Flamenco, La Reyes teaches and performs through out Southern California and Mexico.
Raised in Sevilla, Spain, she was always surrounded by the ambience, an “Aire” of song and dance.  Her approach is steeped in Purism with a modern twist..
To be Flamenco is to have another skin. other passions, other desires.
It is a different way of seeing the world, with music in one’s nerves, a fierce pride, happiness mingled with tears; it is a loathing of routine and sameness; it is to be intoxicated in song, wine and kisses.  It is the translation of life into an art of caprices and freedom.