The Hall of Final Ruin

by Kelly Andronicos



August 9, 10, & 11 via zoom. Submit your headshot, resume, and video reel (if available) to obtain an appointment.  Prepare a 1 to 2 minute comedic monologue and be prepared to read from the scripts.  
Rehearsals begin on August 30 via zoom and in person.  Schedule tbd based on cast availability.  


Someday, the ‘madrina’ of 19th century Santa Fe would like to die a good Catholic death and be buried in her beloved church, La Parrochia. But Death is coming sooner than she thinks and the arrival of a needy Protestant, a fortune in gold, and the invasion of the American Army complicate her perfect exit into Purgatory. In order to save her family from ruin and earn her way into Heaven, the gambler must orchestrate a final, high-stakes card game in which all is both lost and won. 


DOÑA SEBASTIANA – The fantastical, whimsical death cart driver on a mission to collect La Tules’ soul. Not bound by time, she is stylized and both traditional and modern. Mexican, female, any age. 

LA TULES – Professional gambler, monte dealer, entrepreneur, business woman. Elegant, stoic and calculating, she loads and unloads pistols out of habit. She wants to die well. Spanish, female, 40+ years old. 

CARMELITA – The adopted granddaughter of La Tules, a moody teenager with a penchant for Goth and vintage clothing. She wants to build a ventilated cemetery. Mexican, female, older teenager. 

RALLITOS – The other adopted granddaughter of La Tules. Younger, naïve, and apparently pregnant. She wants a world of infinite romantic possibility. She dresses in conventional China Poblana clothing. Mexican female, younger teenager. 

PILAR – La Tules’ servant, confidante, and ears in the community. Trafficking in the lucrative trade of information and gossip, she wants a business of her own. Pueblo Indian, female, 40+ years old. 

SISTER JANE – A hustler and charlatan masquerading as a Protestant missionary, she’s bent on retrieving her lost fortune. Severe appearance, superior attitude, Puritanical sense of right and wrong and dresses the same. Anglo (white), female, 40+ years old.