OJP Voices is about artists’ vision and stories

OJP seeks to be a home for individual artists to be able to tell unique and personal stories.  

Our company is founded on the principle of intersectionality.  We are a company of womyn, Queer, Latinx, Black, Deaf, economically disadvantaged individuals who each brings their own intersection of experiences to our collective work. 

The OJP Voices Program welcomes submissions from Artists for small cast or individual pieces that reflect the artist’s culture and/or lived experience. 

Lastly, OJP Voices seeks to present readings and productions of new works by local artists that reflect an intersection of under-represented voices, ethnic backgrounds, cultures, and/or identities that reflect the complexity and diversity of our Southern California community.


Need a home for your small cast or one person show?

If you have a show that you feel is ready to be on its feet, but are looking for a venue/producer, please submit a synopsis and/or script on our submissions page and let us know how best to contact you.  We are currently accepting submissions for our 2024 and 2025 season.  

Workshops & Readings

Do you have a script that is in development and would like support in workshopping it?  Please submit your synopsis and/or script to our submission page.  We are accepting submissions for workshops and readings for our 2024 season.

Intercultural, Intersectional Pieces

We are currently accepting submissions for our 2024 and 2025 Seasons.  We are looking for original, un-produced plays or plays without any professional productions in Southern California with themes that reflect the experiences of women, LGBTQ+, disabled, Deaf, or people of color especially Latinx women.  We especially encourage submissions by womyn and ⚧playwrights.

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