Our Tenth Anniversary Season includes musicals, plays, a world premiere, cabaret shows, and lots of great music at the OJP Music Lounge!



November-December 2023



Directed by Beatrice Casagrán

OJP Theatre


$32 general admission

$27 college students with ID

Pay what you can/pay it forward Thursdays


November 24-December 10 

Sealed Orders

by Jean Collinsworth


Herman Melville, author of the metaphysically loaded , Moby Dick, had four children. Two left home early estranged from a father whom they described as a tyrant. A daughter, Bessie, remained at home and never married, Malcolm, Melville’s eldest son, died of a self inflicted gun shot wound at age 18. The likely suicide was quickly covered up by the Melville family. This historically based drama explores the family dynamics that led to Malcolm’s desperate act and how the tragedy affected Melville’s later work.
Brought to life onstage by:
Kelly Franett *- Herman Melville
Jenny Buchanan *- Lizzie Melville
Sofia Levi- Bessie Melville
David Duarte Guzman- Malcolm Melville
Allison Meister – Mary Sullivan
Jeff Sable *- Richard Henry Dana
Ralph Merant- Robert Morris
Stacey Patiño- Olive Fairchild
Edgardo Flores- Matenga Te Hiko
*member of Actor’s Equity Association




OJP Theatre


$35 general admission*

$30 college*

students with ID

Pay what you can/pay it forward Thursdays

*plus one drink minimum

December 15-17 

Ritmo Habana Vieja

Cuento, Canto, y Musica

written, curated & directed by Beatrice Casagrán
Born in Cuba, but raised in Los Angeles, OJP Artistic Director, Beatrice Casagran, grew up in two worlds.  The opportunities and challenges of growing up as an “American” kid were paradoxically grounded and amplified by the strong web of support and identity provided by “her Cubans”.   This piece celebrates the vibrancy, resilience, and humor of a Habana that no longer exists and perhaps never did, but that provided a colorful and buoyant tide that led to Beatrice to become an artist and storyteller.  The evening will feature stories, songs, and music from Old Havana performed by a talented group of local artists and musicians– served up with Cuban coffee, or course, Daiquiris and Mojitos to warm everyone’s heart and soul on a cold winter night.