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Hamlet 2017

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Picnics. Parties. Puns.

The beautiful lawns surrounding the Sontag Greek Theatre at Pomona College are perfect for picnicking.  Doors open at 6:00pm on Thursday and Friday and at 5:30 pm on Saturday & Sunday for picnicking and relaxing before the performance.  Picnic Blankets are recommended.  The seating at the Sontag consists of concave stone benches most of which do not have a back.  Comfy backed stadium seats will be available for rental.  Beach chairs are not allowed.  

On Saturdays and Sunday community vendors, artisans, and organizations set up booths and games.  Stop at the photo booth, enjoy a Bert & Rocky’s frozen lemonade, or pick up a one-of-a-kind cigar box guitar.  Activities are family friendly and support Ophelia’s Jump’s non-profit mission as well as other local non-profits and educational organizations. Parents are always surprised at how much their children enjoy the Shakespeare Festival.  But we’re not.  Shakespeare is fun, exciting, and awesome!  

Ophelia’s Jump will be following safety protocols and applicable guidelines  set forth by Pomona College and the LA County Department of Health including masking and social distancing.  As guidelines continue to evolve, we will update information on this site and send updated information to ticket holders so you know what’s up!

Green Shows

A “Green Show” is an opening act.  Every night at 7:00pm Midsummer Festival audiences gets a special treat before the main performance.  Local artists perform from 7-7:45.  Past acts include musicians, improvisors, singers, and dancers.  All different, but all great.  Make sure you get to the theatre early so you don’t miss out on the nightly Green Show!

Green shows take place “on the green” nightly!




It’s the 80s in Sicilia, a good time to be the king.  But Leontes  grows jealous of the affection shown to his best friend Polixenes by Leonte’s wife, Hermione.   Toxic masculinity prevails and Leontes convinces himself they are having an affair. So quickly does his jealousy grow that he asks Camillo to poison Polixenes. Camillo, knowing Polixenes’ innocence, informs him of Leontes’ intentions, and Polixenes flees Sicilia for Bohemia, taking Camillo with him.

Leontes publicly accuses the pregnant Hermione, and puts her in prison, but just in case sends Cleomenes and Dion to the Oracle to have his course of action confirmed.

After Hermione she gives birth to a baby girl, Leontes overrules the opinions of his advisors, and banishes the baby.  One of his advisors, Antigonus, is instructed to take the baby and abandon her far from Sicilia. Leontes then puts Hermione on trial, but Cleomenes and Dion bring the judgement from the Oracle, which proclaims Hermione, Polixenes, and Camillo all innocent, and predicts that Leontes will have no heir if the banished baby is not found. Leontes rejects the Oracle, only to learn that his son has died. Hermione faints and is taken away by her friend Paulina. Leontes immediately repents. Paulina returns to say that Hermione is dead. Realizing what an ass he has been, Leontes vows perpetual sorrow.

In Bohemia, Antigonus reluctantly leaves the baby by herself, but as he starts to return home he is killed by a bear. The baby is rescued and adopted by a Shepherd and his son, a Clown.

Time personified, takes the play forward 16 years. Polixenes and Camillo disguise themselves to have some incognito fun at a sheep-shearing festival where Polixenes hopes to find out what is going on with his son Florizel, who is in love with the Shepherd’s adopted daughter, now called Perdita.  During the festival with dancing and singing, Florizel and Perdita plan to marry. The disguised Polixenes suggests to Florizel that his father should be told; when Florizel refuses, Polixenes reveals himself, and bans Florizel from seeing Perdita again.

With the help of Camillo the two lovers escape to Sicilia, where the contrite Leontes still visits his wife’s tomb. Leontes welcomes them, and Florizel claims they are there with their father’s knowledge.

Back in Bohemia, the Shepherd decides to tell Polixenes the truth about Perdita’s birth, making her eligible for marriage to Florizel.  They then all make their way to Sicilia. When Polixenes unexpectedly arrives, the he is met warmly by Leontes and the whole history of Perdita is unravelled.

Paulina invites everyone to Hermione’s tomb to view a remarkable sculpture of Hermione. Paulina, having made Leontes vow to have no new wife unless she chooses one for him, reveals she can make the statue move. When it does, it is shown to be Hermione, who had been hidden by Paulina until Leontes came to his senses. Perdita and Hermione are re-united. Leontes begs forgiveness from Hermione and Polixenes.

7/14,  7/15, 7/16, 7/17, & 7/21, 7/22, 7/23, 7/24 at 8pm  Green Show starts nightly at 7:15pm.                                             

General Admission $30

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By William Shakespeare

Directed by Caitlin Lopez



Stop by one of the Claremont businesses below to conveniently purchase your tickets and save on ticketing fees.

THE FOLK MUSIC CENTER– 200 Yale Ave., Claremont

AROMATIQUE– 319A W. 1st St, Claremont

RIO DE OJAS– 250 Harvard Ave., Claremont



Twelfth Night 2015


Alex Foster as Malvolio


      248 W. 2nd St.       

(909) 624-3340


Here are 2 great options to complement your enjoyment during this summer’s Shakespeare Festival, and always at a very reasonable price:
• Saca’s Individual Picnic Boxes include a Pita Sandwich of your choice, Salad (Mediterranean or Tabouleh), and a Baklava, utensils and napkin. Our Picnic boxes start at $11.99
• Saca’s Picnic Trays for 2 include 2 Shawerma Bowls, 2 sides (Choose from Mediterranean Salad, Tabouleh, Hummus & Pitas or Falafels), 2 Baklavas, 2 Pitas and 2 bottles of water. The trays come with plates, utensils and napkins, and start at $35.90.

For curbside pickup, just order online …no parking, no hassle, you can go straight to your event without wasting any time! What’s not to like?!

Cheers to great Summer Nights with Saca’s flavorful cuisine as your companion!

Located in the Claremont Packing House    

      540 W 1st Street     

(909) 445-9463

The perfect dinner to pair with Shakespeare under the stars.  Boxed dinner includes choice of a variety of delicious sandwiches on artisan baguettes, salad, and a fresh-baked cookie. Add a bottle of wine for a little more and your repast is complete.  Utensils and cups included.








325 Yale Ave.

(909) 625-7560









Green Shows

Every OJP Midsummer Shakespeare performance begins with a Green Show featuring local artists. The custom is inspired by the Green Shows of Shakespeare’s day, which were the equivalent of an opening act at a concert. They were called “green shows” because they took place “on the green” outside the theater before the main play started.  

Green Show starts nightly at 7:15pm.

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Celtic Dancers 2014


Facepainting fun